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Family Office and Discretionary Trust Business Introduction

Gopher Family Wealth Management Center is dedicated to serving Gopher and Noah’s ultra-high net-worth families and discretionary trusts, through fully-diversified allocation funds and customized VIP fund investment services focusing on scarce resources. We are fully integrated into Gopher Asset’s various asset classes and investment services, providing our customers with all-weather and private family asset management services to build value on existing financial capital and preserve family wealth and intellectual capital.

Advantages of  Family Office Asset Allocation
Discretionary Trust Asset Management Services

Discretionary trust, complete peace of mind,fully opened door to the family trust inheritance

Gopher Family Wealth Management Center provide "discretionary trust" services, consulting solutions and a professional investment team to bring customers peace of mind to avoid the inconveniences associated to managing family finances.

Through robust consulting services, personally customized asset allocation and value-added service solutions, thorough due diligence risk committee authorization, we strive to protect and grow the wealth of our family office clients.

Comparison with the discretionary investment banking services
Comparison to traditional and discretionary investment
Comparison measuresTraditional investmentDiscretionary investments
Asset allocation and matching customer needsRelatively standardized productsReflect customers’ personal financial needs
Priority investment                            opportunitiesNot guaranteedGuaranteed
Product level                            subscription feeHas a feeNo fee on the individual                            product level
Liquidity creationConditionalPriority
Personalized                            Investment ReportingNoYes
Alignment of interestNot completely alignedHighly aligned
Short positionsYesNo
Decision-making                            mechanismPersonalExpert team
Measurable                            portfolio riskHard to judgeEasier to judge
Investment control
How to become a client family
  • ▪ Fill in term sheet

    ▪ Risk assessment

    ▪ ssued asset allocation based on
    contract negotiations

    Full Advisory Committee
  • ▪ Signing a contract

    ▪ Establish exclusive family office

    Contract Process